Which Chemical Peel is Right for My Skin?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


Prescription only Chemical Peels are absolutely amazing! If you have never tried one then get ready for the most incredible, skin tingling experience. Medical grade chemical peels give all of the benefits of a basic skin smoothing & cleansing facial with the benefit of also stimulating the skin to rebuild the collagen structure. Effects are noticed almost immediately and continue for a period several weeks to months as collagen fibers, the main structural component of youthful skin, rebuild. The pores will be cleaned out helping to get rid of existing acne and preventing outbreaks. Regular chemical peels revitalize the skin and have a significant anti-aging effect.

SUPERFICIAL PEELS Superficial peels don’t require much downtime as they exfoliate the top layer of skin. They do stimulate collagen growth overtime and are more gentle than medium depth peels. They clean out the pores and help to smooth out the outer layer of the skin. An experienced skin professional can also apply several layers to problematic areas creating the effect of a more superficial to medium depth peel.

MEDIUM DEPTH PEELS Medium depth peels are popular today because results can be achieved rather quickly. The treatment is applied by a medical professional and may cause mild discomfort or slight stinging. The peeling process typically lasts a few days. If you’re seeking visible results with one to three treatments over time, a medium depth peel could be your best bet. Medium depth peels tend to tackle common skin issues such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing hyperpigmentation, sun spots and freckles, and controlling acne while improving the appearance of acne scars.

With your skin, it is important to be as gentle enough as possible and only do treatments that are as strong as necessary to tackle your skin problems. It is important to have a medical professional knowledgeable with the skin anatomy to analyze your skin and choose which level of peel will work best for your unique skin and the results that you are looking for.

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