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Updated: Dec 2, 2021



Micro-needling is a procedure used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, lines, stretch marks, burn scars, and increase delivery of certain medications that treat skin discoloration like melasma. A prescription numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure. Micro-needling involves puncturing the dermal layer with tiny needles. This has been shown to stimulate collagen growth as well as breaking up tough bonds in the skin that cause scars and wrinkles. Combining micro-needling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is all natural preservative free and may be added to the treatment for hair regrowth and as a replacement for cosmetic fillers.


  • Procedure typically takes between 45-60 minutes.

  • A prescription numbing skin cream is applied at home every 15-20 minutes for an hour prior to the procedure.

  • The treatment area is cleansed thoroughly.

  • Micro-needling depth is carefully adjusted throughout the procedure to obtain optimal results.

  • This procedure will cause the skin to look a little red and irritated for a few days after treatment. You can apply makeup with a clean brush over the area immediately after the procedure.

  • You may use over the counter anti-inflammatories if needed and cool compresses are helpful if the skin irritation is bothersome.

  • You may apply an antibiotic ointment to the area such as bacitracin as needed.

  • You will notice an improvement in texture within 2-3 days and over the course of 4-6 weeks new collagen will continue to grow in the area. The skin will look more youthful and fine lines and wrinkles will diminish.

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